30 April 2024

A year of THE NEST

A year of THE NEST

April at The Nest has been buzzing with activity!

Our dedicated volunteers and staff have been refreshing their first aid skills with Frinton Training. They were a great help, answering all of our questions and more!

We have some new friends at the farm—5 Alpacas! Our young people are loving getting to know them all. Each one has its own unique personality, and it's been a joy watching them interact.

Thanks a Bunch:

April has brought some generous donations our way. Huge thanks to the Screwfix Foundation for their £5k grant and the Norfolk Poultry Association for their £7k support. And let's not forget Cara Lawrence, who ran the London Marathon to raise funds for The Nest. We're incredibly grateful for her dedication!

Birthday Celebrations:

We celebrated our 1st Birthday on April 26th! Looking back, we are so proud of how far we have come. Thank you to everyone that has supported us over the past 12 months. But most of all thank you to our young people for making us smile and laugh each day, to our wonderful volunteers for helping to make it all possible, and finally the team, for all their hard work. Our young people have made great progress, and we've provided over 500 days of mental health support to 30 individuals. On average, we've seen a 12.5% improvement in mental health and wellbeing over a 12-week placement*.

*Based on a study of 12 young people attending The Nest one day per week for 12 weeks.

Upcoming Events:

We're busy behind the scenes getting ready for the Suffolk Show next month. Swing by and say hi to us on the Tuckwells stand number 69. Let's spread the word about the amazing work we do!

Inspiration Time:

Our Founder and CEO, Hannah spoke at Framlingham College last week, sharing her journey from sailor to mental health advocate. What drove her to start The Nest during lockdown. It's all about turning challenges into opportunities!

Keep supporting us, and together, we'll keep making a difference!

The Nest Team


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