27 March 2024

End of Spring Term

End of Spring Term

Spring has sprung, and what an incredible term it has been here at The Nest! As the world awakens with the vibrant colours of nature, The Nest has been bustling with new life, activities, and learning experiences. Here's a glimpse into the adventures we've had:

New Additions to the Family:

This term we welcomed four adorable baby goats and Lemon the pony to our farm family! Their playful antics and boundless energy have brought lots of joy and laughter to our days. We have a few more furry faces joining us next term and we look forward to introducing them to you. 

Beekeeping and Candle Making with Kathryn:

We had the pleasure of hosting Kathryn Langford, a local Beekeeper from North/East Suffolk who shared her knowledge and expertise with us. She not only taught us about the fascinating world of bees but also guided us through the process of making candles from beeswax. It was a hands-on experience that left us all buzzing with excitement!

Green Fingers at Work:

We have been hard at work in the polytunnel, planting seeds and nurturing them into life. It's been a delight to see the fruits (or rather, the sprouts) of our labor as the seedlings begin to thrive. From vibrant vegetables to fragrant herbs, our polytunnel is a reminder of the magic spring brings for growth and renewal.

Local Kindness:

We were thrilled to receive a donation from a local group, Project Linus this week, whose members have created beautiful blankets for us. They have been handmade through knitting, crocheting, and sewing. Our young people were excited to pick out their favorite one to take home. These blankets not only provide warmth and comfort but also remind us of the care and generosity within our community.

Easter Eggstravaganza:

We couldn't end the term without an Easter egg hunt! With baskets in hand the young people were given clues to all the different locations around the farm that eggs had been hidden. The afternoons were filled with friendship, laughter, and, of course, chocolate!

As we look forward to the warmer days ahead, we cherish these moments of connection, learning, and growth that make life at The Nest so special.




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