29 February 2024

An evening with Dr Beth Mosley MBE for Parents and Carers

Evening with Dr Beth Mosely for Parents and Carers

On Thursday, February 29th, we extended an invitation to parents and caregivers to join us in a group session featuring Dr. Beth Mosley MBE, a consultant clinical psychologist and trustee of The Nest. During the session, Dr. Beth delved into the adolescent brain, shedding light on often overlooked physical signs of anxiety. Symptoms such as increased heart rate, sweaty/shaky hands, and rapid breathing were discussed as innate responses geared towards ensuring our ancestral safety. Despite the change in perceived threats, our bodies' reactions remain deeply ingrained. Dr. Beth emphasized the importance of helping young individuals recognize these symptoms, build resilience against discomfort, and embrace a fearless approach to managing anxiety.

The discussion progressed to the concept of the Brain House, a central theme in Dr. Beth's book "Happy Families." The brain was liken to a house, consisting of two components: the "upstairs" (prefrontal cortex for rational thinking) and the "downstairs" (emotional limbic system). Disconnection between these areas can lead to a state of heightened emotions, hindering our ability to engage logically or empathetically – a response referred to as "flipping the lid." Dr. Beth shared strategies for navigating such instances, emphasizing the significance of maintaining a state of calm, establishing a sense of safety, allowing for processing time, and validating emotions and experiences.

Concluding the session, Dr. Beth hightlighted the vital need for parents and caregivers to prioritize self-care. Acknowledging that challenges are shared and support is available at The Nest.

Useful resources list below - 

Dr Beth Mosley’s book Happy Families - Happy Families: How to Protect and Support Your Child's Mental Health: Amazon.co.uk: MBE, Dr Beth Mosley: 9781035017454: Books


To follow Dr Beth Mosley on Instagram - @drbethmosley


NHS Parenting workshops - www.nsft.uk/workshops



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